To Catch a Thief – by Richard Taylor

ToCatchAThief Richard Taylor was born in Llanelli, Wales; the eldest of four boys he was largely raised by his mother on her own, his father having left them when he was still quite a small boy. Richard grew up on a tough estate and quickly became established as a petty thief in order to fund his drug addiction. During his early teenage years he introduced numerous friends to drugs and crime but escaped prison due to his age. However as he grew older he eventually ended up doing time in prison.

His life finally reached a crisis when he turned 18. Senses dulled by drugs he and a mate burgled a house that wasn’t empty and he was recognised and caught and placed on remand for 6 months. During the remand period he was befriended by a prison chaplain and began to experience something of God’s peace in his life. This led to his referral to Victory Outreach and a woman called Dinah Sansome. She saw that God had his hand upon Richard and intervened on his behalf so that, instead of receiving a custodial sentence, he was bailed to Victory Outreach. Within a few days of starting to live at this centre he had an extraordinary encounter with God that led to him becoming a follower of Jesus and also instantly and miraculously being set free from drug and alcohol addiction.

Written in a pacy style this book details Richard’s criminal past and recounts his encounter with Christ. Not covered in the book he is now the Director of Victory Outreach and is founding Pastor of multiple site Victory Church. Victory Church in Cwmbran has recently become well known as the focus of a move of God’s Spirit known as Welsh Outpouring. Richard has also been a presenter on the 2002 TV series ‘To catch a thief’

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