The Apostle: The Life of Paul– by John Pollock 

The Apostle  The Apostle Paul is one of the most significant characters in the New Testament. When he bursts into the narrative, he is approving the stoning of Stephen who was a wonderful, spirit filled man of God. Saul, as he was known in Jewish circles, was a self-righteous religious man who was consumed with hatred for the followers of the way, as the early believers were known.

Most of us are familiar with Paul’s Damascus road conversion, but how much else do you know about him? What was his upbringing? What made him tick? What was the context of his prolific letter writing?

In this excellent volume John Pollock gathers data together from dozens of first century sources, including the New Testament writings, and has produced a highly readable and well-paced 21st century style biography. This format brings Paul to life and immerses the reader in the events that shaped the early church.


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