I have a dream!

I am sure that most, if not all of you reading these words will recognise them as being the key phrase from Martin Luther King’s most famous speech. He had a dream, a vision of a better America where all men and women were treated equally regardless of their skin colour; where everyone could aspire to fulfil their potential. I wonder do you have a dream?

If you are a young person your dream may seem very fresh and bright and you may feel full of hope that you will be able to see the dream realised. If you are middle aged you may be going through a season where you still cling to the dream but the present circumstances are strangling it and you fear that you may have to let your dream go. Or perhaps you are older, in the twilight years of your life, time is short and talk of dreams somehow seems no longer relevant.

During July and August we shall be looking at the life of Joseph, the dreamer. We shall be considering the dreams that he had but more importantly the purposes that God had for his life. We shall discover how he was able to remain faithful to God through the peaks and troughs of his life journey. Whatever stage of life you are currently in I believe that in Joseph you will find an example that will help you to remain faithful to God’s dream for the whole of your life. If you are young, there are principles to adopt that will keep you on track as you look forward into your future. If you are in seasons of frustration there is hope that God is still with you. If you are older there is the assurance that God uses all of your past for his ultimate glory.

This series is being shared by a wider team than usual. This has two purposes. Firstly it is part of a desire to train and equip younger men and develop their gifting. Secondly it will help us to see the events of Joseph’s life through the eyes of different people with all the benefits that brings. Please pray for our preachers to hear what God would say to us as a church. Please pray that each of us will have ears to listen.

This blog post featured in the July/August 2013 edition of Lifelines

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