The Incredible Power of Faith in Suffering

Spoiler alert – this video will affect you emotionally. Make sure you have a box of tissues handy!

Rebecca and Joanna Barnard were born by emergency caesarean section at 28 weeks. Doctors predicted that Joanna would not survive outside the womb due to her underdevelopment. Their parents, Brandon and Jessica, along with their family and friends, prayed that God would miraculously heal their baby daughters. This brief documentary records their journey of faith and their resolute confidence in God.


Is the 40-Minute Sermon Passé?

We live in a highly visual, interactive environment in the 21st Century. This has led to significant changes in the means of communication and of concentration spans. Some have argued that the church should respond to this and abandon the ‘traditional’ 40 minute sermon. John Piper argues strongly in this 6 minute podcast that the sermon is a unique genre of it’s own and that it is a vital component of a local church’s corporate worship. You can listen to what he says here: Is the 40 minute sermon passé?