Big Questions

A recent survey found that British mothers are called upon to answer 300 questions a day by their small children. Their curiosity can be delightful, frustrating and even embarrassing. Have you ever been in a supermarket when a toddler has pointed at another shopper and asks “Why is that woman so fat?” According to the research, the five toughest questions mums get asked are: Why is water wet? Where does the sky end? What are shadows made of? Why is the sky blue? How do fish breathe under water?

It sometimes seems that as we get older, our curiosity diminishes and we become less inclined to ask awkward questions. Perhaps we learn that it is not always appropriate to ask, or maybe we think that we have all the answers we need. Even so, many people have tough questions that surface in their minds at times of personal crisis and uncertainty. These questions are often addressed towards God and relate to purpose and destiny, origins and endings, pain and suffering.

During the month of June, the members of Life Church are conducting a survey to find out what the Big Questions are that people in Hook would like to ask God. We plan to call at every home in the village to invite you to share with us one Big Question you would like to ask God. If you wish, you can tell your question to the person who rings your doorbell. Alternatively we will leave you with a card giving details of how you can send your question to us online, by email, text or tweet, or simply by post.

We will publish the results of the survey in the September edition of Hook Focus. Also, every Sunday in September our speakers will be taking each of the top five Big Questions in turn and using the bible to explain how we believe God would answer those questions. We are excited by this opportunity to tailor our meetings to the issues that are important to you and look forward to receiving your questions.

Big Questions can be sent:

This blog post featured in the June 2013 edition of Hook Focus

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