God on Mute: Engaging the Silence of Unanswered Prayer – by Pete Grieg

God-on-mute Perhaps one of the reasons that we struggle to pray is because we don’t always get the answers we want. Our prayers seem to hit the ceiling and don’t seem to change anything. There are many books on prayer that claim to give us keys on how to get whatever we want from God. This book is not like that!

Pete Grieg is a giant on the world stage when it comes to prayer. He is Director of Prayer at Holy Trinity Brompton and a founding champion of the 24-7 prayer movement that began in 1999 and has impacted more than 100 nations. If anyone should know about prayer then surely Pete’s your man!

In the opening chapter Pete describes the moment when 29 year old Sammy, wakes him in the middle of the night with pain in her leg. In the cot alongside lies 7 week old Daniel, their older son Hudson sleeps in the adjacent room. Initial concern that his wife’s cries will wake the baby are quickly forgotten when she begins to fit. Sammy’s body ceases to be under her control as she convulses violently and barely manages to exhale a plea to her husband to pray. His prayer was frantic yet seemingly futile. Sammy was turning blue; the pillow was becoming blotted with bloody spittle, the ambulance seemed to be taking forever! Yet in all the noise and confusion Danny continued to sleep peacefully. On arriving at the hospital a CAT scan detects a growth in Sammy’s brain the size of an orange.

Pete weaves together their journey through Sammy’s illness and frustration at unanswered prayer with Jesus’ journey from Maundy Thursday through to Easter Sunday via the cross to help us understand that even God’s silence is an answer. Wrought in the crucible of reality and pain, this is not a trite answer to a theoretical question. Rather it is the journey of ordinary people who despite plumbing the depths of despair retain their grasp of faith in God.

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