Straight to the Heart of ACTS – by Phil Moore

StraightToTheHeartOfActs ‘Straight to the heart of ACTS’ is one of a series of books written by Phil Moore who is the Lead Elder at Kings Road Church, Wimbledon. These books are written in an easy to read style, each chapter is usually only three or four pages long and is packed with sound biblical teaching accompanied by contemporary illustrations and anecdotes. Phil draws upon his extensive skills as a bible student to offer up digestible nuggets of truth. Each short chapter is a wholesome meal in its own right and you will want to linger and pray over the insights that he brings. At heart Phil is an evangelist and this is reflected in his writing which is direct and designed to draw a response from the reader.

This volume looking at Acts takes the reader through this unique era of church life from the outpouring of the spirit at Pentecost, through the growth of the Jerusalem church as it then expanded into Judea and Samaria. We then discover how the Holy Spirit opens the apostles’ eyes to the truth that the gospel is for the Gentiles and travel with Paul as he plants churches in Asia Minor, Europe before finally getting to Rome. Read a chapter a day and in two months you will have experienced New Testament church life for yourself in a refreshing way.

Buy Straight to the Heart of Acts from Amazon UK
Buy Straight to the Heart of Acts from Amazon US

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