Looking Forward

We use thousands of words on a daily basis but I wonder how often we think about where they come from.  For example the names of our calendar months date back to the Julian calendar which began in 45BC as a result of a reform by Julius Caesar. January is strongly associated with Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and transitions, who is frequently represented as having a head with two faces – one facing forward and one facing back.  The tradition of reviewing the year that has just past and anticipating the year that is to come derives from this Roman origin.

For our nation looking forward, 2012 brings a number of challenges as we continue to ride the economic roller coaster. It also promises celebration as we rejoice at our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – a remarkable milestone regardless of your views of the monarchy; and excitement as the Olympic Games come to these shores for what will almost certainly be a once in a lifetime experience. No doubt you will also have things you personally are looking forward to.

The Christian faith gives us great hope and expectation for a future where the pain and suffering, failure and disappointment of this current world will be swept away and replaced with a new, perfect, eternal world. This is the hope of all who have placed their trust in Jesus. This is the hope we will celebrate when the churches of Hook, Odiham and North Warnborough gather together at 6:30pm in the Elizabeth Hall on Sunday 22nd January at our joint expression of faith during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. I do hope that you will come and join us that evening and stay for refreshments afterwards.

This blog post featured in the January 2012 edition of Hook Focus

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